Buyer Help

Getting Started

  1. (Optional) Register a new SuiteSeat account as a buyer 
  2. Search for an event at an arena near you 
  3. Select an available SuiteSeat 
  4. Book the SuiteSeat for your event 

How to book a SuiteSeat

Find the event you want to attend, and all available suites will be listed under the event details. Book the suite of your choice, add any product addons to your cart (e.g., parking passes, catering options), and then checkout! Further information and documents will be emailed to you with the provided email address.  

If you have any issue with your order please contact us at Suite Seats and we’ll help resolve you find a resolution.


Who to contact about issues with your suite

Please contact us at Suite Seats if there are any issues with your experience.

Do I have to register to book a SuiteSeats? 

Registration is optional, but recommended. Registering helps us keep track of your orders, disputes, and ensures your contact information is correct.  

How can I update my information (e.g., password, email, addresses)? 

In the header of SuiteSeats, click My Account. 

How can I view my orders, bookings, and refund requests? 

In the header of SuiteSeats, click My Account. 

What type of payment methods are accepted? 

SuiteSeats only supports PayPal at the moment. 

Can I place a hold on a suite if I need to contact some other people first? 

When you add a suite to your cart, the same suite becomes unavailable for anyone else to add to their cart for 20minutes. After the 20minutes expires, the suite is publicly available again. The 20-minute time limit can be seen in your cart.  

What are add-ons? 

Add-ons are additional items you can add to your purchase. Some may be required by the arena (e.g., parking) and others are optional (e.g., catering).  

How can I get the actual passes, tickets, or any other required document? 

All information and documents you need for your event will be emailed to the email address provided in your shipping information.  

What is the refund policy? 

Purchases can be refunded within 14 days.  

How to initiate a refund? 

Go to My Account and view your previous Orders. Click Request Warranty on any completed orders. Fill out the form and submit your request. The status and details about your submitted requests can be seen in the RMA Requests section. 

If this option is unavailable, please contact us at Suite Seats and we’ll help resolve you find a resolution. 

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